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Portable Sewing Machine


This Handheld Sewing Machine will get your job with working with curtains, interior decoration, or sewing your clothes a lot easier than you are used to!

It can out-perform any conventional desktop sewing machine and will make your stitching experience flawless.
You can carry Portable Sewing Machine in your bag while traveling and stitch like experts anytime. Anyone working with curtains, interior decoration or sewing her or his own clothes will enjoy using this time-saving device. 



Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand allowing great control and easy operation. An invaluable tool when you need a quick solution for simple on the spot jobs like repairs and alterations.


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The Portable Hand-Held Sewing Machine is so much easier and faster to use than a needle and thread. It'll save you so much time and trouble, plus it's a much straighter, cleaner stitch.

  • Compact and portable
  • Works with a lot of fabrics
  • It has built-in alloy gear and durability of the chain
  • Great for Arts & Crafts or as a gift
  • Material Suitable For  - Silks, Denim, Wool, Jean, Hem Pants, Drapes, Holes Rips And Etc.

    Power Requires - It Needs 4 X AA Batteries


    • Type - Handheld Sewing Machine
    • Material -  ABS + Electronic Components
    • Powered By-  4 x AA Batteries(Not Included)
    • Size -  21cm x 6.7cm x 3.5cm 



    • Install 4 AA batteries.
    • Grasp the machine with your right hand and place The thumb is naturally placed on the top, with other fingers supported on the bottom.
    • Refer to the image for the threading direction.
    • To position the thread correctly, you should locate the thread holder on the side. After pulling off the bobbin holder and spring underneath it, slide on the bobbin.
    • Placement of cloth -  Raise the pressure plate, then place the prepared fabric under it, and gently lower the pressure plate to squeeze the fabric.

    • Sewing operation - Hold the fabric with your left hand, and the cloth feeding mechanism automatically sends out the sewn fabric. Move the machine to the right, and move the fabric to the left accordingly.
    • The machine can automatically let in the fabric and adjust the stitch tension.
    • Replace the bobbin - Loosen the bobbin, then remove the bobbin, insert the elongated shaft onto the bobbin shaft, then slide the spool in, and secure the spool with the spool cover. 8. Replace the needle: Loosen the screw and remove the broken needle, then install a new needle.