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(🔥Early Halloween Promotions-50% OFF)Glowing LED Purge Mask


Color: GREEN

  • RED
  • PINK
  • BLUE

Glowing LED Purge Mask

Celebrate your own style with these cool LED Purge Masks.

 Safe to use, no UV

 Unique style and shape

 Ultra low power usage

 Voice Control

 Bends and folds easily

 No heat, electroluminescent film is a cold light source

 Uniform soft light will not produce eye strain

 Great impact resistance

 Long life 10,000 hours

 Unisex one size fits all design

Use instructions

Each LED Purge Mask comes with a controller/power supply. Press the button once for always on, twice for slow flash, and the third time, for voice control. There is a mode which shows you can use voice control function when you turn on, there will be an indicator light. The mask is not always in voice control mode but it has to be activated.

Three functions of voice control

First = always on

Second = slow flash

Third = voice control will flash when there is sound when it is on, no matter which sound. E.g. light will flash and change with the beat of music or voice.


Power supply: 2 * AA battery (not included)

Light source: Cold Light Wire LED

Modes: Always-on, Flash, Quick-Flash

Control: Handheld controller or Voice-Control

Material: PVC

Size: 200 * 180mm

Package includes:

1* LED Mask